Intent Market Research

Get actionable insights from your audience with
bespoke research tailored to your business objectives

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The research will help to

See the full spectrum of intent opportunities

Quantify the size of demand and its evolution over time

Identify emerging consumer intent trends

See areas that your team should react to

Compare levels of brand awareness

Understand which brands are dominant within the sector

Compare geographic nuances

Understand how audience intent varies by country and region

Understand user search semantics

Get data on the language that your target audience is using

Deconstruct audience sub-intents

Understand what else your audience is interested in
IntentRadar Biddable

Biddable activation

Activate Paid Search, Paid Social and Programmatic activity with confidence of knowing the full intent landscape.

  • Match user search semantics within ad copy
  • Inform creative split tests
  • Activate campaigns at the right time

Organic search optimisation

Structure your website on-page and content strategy to match your target audience intent map and boost organic rankings.

  • Ensure that your website is targeting the right keywords¬†
  • Identify content gaps and new content creation opportunities
  • Answer emerging consumer intents ahead of competition
IntentRadar SEO
IntentRadar AB Testing

User experience & A/B testing

Improve your website user experience with data-driven audience intent and awareness breakdowns.

  • Adapt content hierarchy based on audience behavior
  • Match audience semantics within content
  • Inform A/B testing opportunities with historical audience intents

Inform sales & CRM teams

Empower your sales and CRM teams with the latest market trends and statistics.

  • Share vertical audience insights across the business
  • Develop captivating new business introductions
  • Leverage the IntentRadar research dataset within your marketing materials
IntentRadar Sales

“With an extremely professional and highly detailed approach, Intentradar was able to provide Hatch with valuable search result insights that translated into a proper SEO strategy and implementation showing concrete results in a matter of months. Intentradar has surpassed our expectations.”

Marc HasethMarketing & Business Development Director at Hatch

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